ETH Liquidity Mining Global $100 Million Award Scheme


The activity is almost over. Hurry up

Warning: In order to ensure the validity of the address that participates in the prize collection, the address that participates in the prize collection for the first time will undergo qualification verification, and the cheaters will be blacklisted and lose their prize seat.

order to enable all real and effective users to participate in the activities, only USDT or ETH or BTC with a value of more than2,000 US dollars and passing the qualification examination can receive rewards, so as to avoid a large number of malicious collections by scammers.

Each participant can receive a reward of 3,888-880,000 USDT until the USDT currency worth 100 million USDT has been distributed.

Successfully participate in liquidity mining, the mining pool will give no less than 2% of the mining income based on the value of the token held in the participating account address every day.

Successfully recommend friends to participate in liquidity mining, you can get 888 USDT rewards.

How to claim rewards?

We believe everyone should be part of the financial revolution. It’s time to combine cryptocurrency with traditional currencies in our daily finances.

Step 1.

Open the browser in the wallet, enter the node of liquidity mining in the browser.

Step 2.

Click Receive to authorize participation in mining, and pay a miner's fee of 0.01ETH.

Step 3.

Has successfully participated in liquidity mining and obtained Metamask's mining income and cash withdrawal income


We want to invest in defI liquidity mining is unsecured mining. Liquidity mining is different from ordinary financial products. While normal wealth management products require margin deposits at exchange companies, or banks, or third-party financial platforms, I'm involved in no-pledge mining, and my money is still in my MetaMask wallet. When we go to the center, we don't need to top up and transfer to any platform. So very safe, zero risk for our investors.

The more USDT we have in our Metamask Wallet, the more ETH I get from this WMP, which means the more revenue I get

ETH20 is a mobile and decentralized mining product. After obtaining the mining certificate, ETH20 automatically starts the corresponding mining mechanism.

Share friends

Successfully invited a friend to join get 888 usdt,how to do it!

Great rewards

You'll soon be a million dollars.


Usdt quantity


Interest ratio

1~1,000 USDT


1,001~2,000 USDT


2,001~5,000 USDT


5,001-50,000 USDT


50,001-100,000 USDT


>100,001 USDT


First bonus


Invite a friend


Settlement method

The return rate of liquidity mining is 2%-3% every day, and the mine pool pays the income every 6 hours.

For example: the customer deposits 10000USDT in the encrypted wallet to participate in liquidity mining, and the daily income is 10,000USDTX2% = 200USDT , and there are4dividends every day, each time with 50USDT . Of course, the more cryptocurrencies you participate in liquidity mining, the higher your income.

liquidity mining has no risk

We're engaged in no-pledge mining, and my money is always in my MetaMask wallet. When we decentralize, we don't need to recharge and move to any platform. So very safe, zero risk for our investors.




Use authoritative digital currency wallets: MetaMask, ImToken... , my money is perfectly safe in my MetaMask wallet at all times.




1 USDT is equal to 1 USD. The currency value will not be reduced by the fluctuation of the cryptocurrency market. Allows investor to better grasp the opportunities of cryptocurrency.




No mortgage, bundling or cycle restrictions. Principle and profits are in your own encrypted wallet. Free distribution and transfer! Stop at any time you want. No need to worry!